blogs that make you go hmmm

So apparently I make Jodi's brain hurt...is that a good thing? actually, she finds me worthy enough to be included in her "5 blogs that make me think," which apparently comes from the thinking blogger awards... or something like that. Either way, I'm honoured. I usually think I'm full of hot air and make little to no sense. I'm always surprised that y'all read my drivel. Now, who makes MY head hurt. I know I'm doing this all wrong and I don't care. Some probably don't read my blog but I peek in on them. If you don't know em, check em out. They're some good reads.
  • 101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat - things we will identify with in our own way and great for me to go back and read because I forget things with each passing day.
  • Angie All the Way - Overcoming a terrible car accident and kicking ass at weight loss - do you need more inspiration than that (and opinionated to boot!!)?!
  • Questions for Dessert - song titles on every post - WHEEE!
  • Running in Circles - running and emotional insight laid out there as naked as the day you were born (but with lots of anonymity...go fig).
  • Weight Watchen - hardcore weight watcher with food porn that puts all y'alls to SHAME!
Btw, I stepped on that stupid ass scale again today and it said 141. 2 - apparently I'm a weight loss MACHINE! that thing has become a total joke.


jodi said...

thanks for participating - i just enjoy what you have to say, hot air and all... and yay for the scale! :o)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Thanks for the list! I love finding new stuff to read and distract myself from work!

Angie All The Way said...

Awwwww....jeeezzzzzz! Thanks Marie! You really helped turn me out of my funk! Sometimes the recovery from the accident gets to me and I get frustrated and you helped me take a look at how far I have come. Thanks so much Marie, I just wish I had of seen this post earlier in the day!

Um, opinionated???? j/k totally fair! lol

Krissie said...

Thank you so much!
I do read your blog, every day, sometimes more than once. Thanks for the shout-out!
Sometimes I think the song lyrics are just to entertain myself...Glad to see someone else enjoys them too!

Mandy said...

Man, I hate it when the scale does that! Mine does that from time to time too - I will step on it then walk around for half an hour, not even take one sip of water, then step back on it and somehow I gained 2 lbs during that time! ANNOYING!!!

CaRoLyN said...

Get rid of it!
Those things are just crap! I went back to me good 'ol fashion scale (and it's more accurate that my WW digital scale ever was!)

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