old habits die hard?

so they say it takes about 21 days to form a habit and I have just over a month until my half clinic starts. Since I've collected some, er, bad habits from breaking my good habits while doing my 10km clinic, today I was up and at 'em with the roosters at the ass crack of dawn to try and get back at the gym. I so did not miss getting up at 5:30a.m. the last few months but it wasn't that hard this morning. I hemmed and hawed for a bit but finally got going and got my rear end there and on a treadmill by 6:30a.m. Back to the silliness of treadmill competitions where people hide their speeds but try and keep up with you (but fail miserably) and others copy your weight routines but only do one set of eight reps (seriously, what benefit is that, I ask?). And all of the regulars are still there! wheee heee! and i feel grrrreat! hopefully I'll feel the same tomorow morning at 5:30a.m... 20 more days!


Maria said...

As someone who's not a gym-goer ... people seriously cover up their speeds and compete!? Like ... strategically with a gym towel? They'd sure feel pretty haughty if they saw my unconditioned bum trodding along next to them. :)

Good for you getting back into routine.

Sarah said...

Good job getting back to routine! I'm going to try and be on the treadmill this time tomorrow morning, but I'm nervous about all those "competitive" types. I just wanna do my Couch to 5K and be done! I'll do my best to ignore them.

Jen said...

*laughs* I always ignore people like that!!!

And funny, for me, it's always the teeny thin girl who think if *I* can do it, they DEFINITELY can...but then they sweat and ruin their makeup!!

~♥ Amanda ♥~ said...

good job on getting back into routine! and that's funny about people hiding their speeds! lol!

Lindsay said...

I love your new blog layout!!
do you design them yourself?

21 days to form a habit hey?
when you think about it, thats not to long at all!!

Purl_Princess said...

Wow great photos - congrats on the losses.


Amuldoon said...

Hmm.. I always cover my tredmill, but its not to hide my speed... its so I can't know how much time is left! :)

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