My cookies talk to me...and i talk to you

the weird things in my life right now...
  • a huge marble slab of First Canadian Place fell off yesterday afternoon and today they decide to close off a block of the financial district, the block where I work, making my life a little more difficult today.
  • last night I looked a little closer at my thinsations packages, only to realize they're giving me "healthy living tips". er...you're little cookies, not healthy so much. Nice try though.
  • My brother and I have formed a team called "Go Skirt" for the Pride and Remembrance Run. If you're in TO and want to run 5k (or walk) on June 23, register and join our team! ...but you have to wear a skirt! :P
  • I am sad that my 10k clinic ends tomorrow and my half marathon clinic doesn't start until June 28th. Is that weird?
  • I registered for the Toronto Marathon the other day...the half though. I am scared crapless.
  • If one more person asks me to join their win $7000 from edge 102 group on facebook, I may scream. Brilliant marketing tactic by a radio station that has gone downhill in the last 5 years. But if you're going to join one, join the sick kids one.
  • Kris, my coworker, is eating timbits for breakfast this morning and has brought me Pocky sticks several times in the last week which I have a weakness for. He remains the devil.
  • Yesterday was a friend's birthday who I used to be very close with but have had a falling out with in the past little while. I mailed her a card to wish her a happy birthday but didn't feel right doing anything else. I'm still stung by a lot of things she said the last time I saw her and I'm sure she is too, but I hope the card lets her know that I still care and think about her.
  • I think I want to try kickboxing this weekend. There's a women's class at a gym in TO that's supposedly free for the month of May and then $10 a class...wouldn't hurt to try out...or it could really hurt. If you ever want to know more about Women's Kickboxing, check out this site though.


Sara said...

Congrats on registering!!! You will have an amazing time! I would do the 5k but it is my friends stagette that day/night in Waterloo.

I understand how hard it is with friends you have issues with. I have a friend who said some pretty nasty things to me, it is tough to still care deeply about them while still feeling really hurt. That is good of you to send her a card.

Enjoy your Pocky Sticks and this dreary wet day!

~paige~ said...

marie, miss thang. you are a star. what are pocky sticks though?

Wheebs said...

Soo...is your brother wearing a skirt too? Because that's dedication at it's finest!

Pocky sticks are the tool of satan himself.

Jen said...

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH I LOVE POCKY STICKS!!! The strawberry ones are my favourite...I used to open them in the grocery store and finish them by the time i got to the checkout...

Which is worse?? Healthy living from a cookie or "have a happy period" from Always???

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