le sob

my brother has left me for softball :'( As most of you know, I live with my younger brother John and today he's off for a week to Minneapolis. He'll be playing in a the North Star Classic, a softball tournament hosted by league that is sort of a brother or sister league to one that he plays to here in TO (and I used to play in once upon a time). A team came up a few years ago, he made some great friends and now he makes a yearly pilgrimage to go play ball with his pals. It's great...but then I'm without a little sidekick at home for a week :( boourns at least he has Mary to replace Marie there.... oooh - and I made that mexican brown rice casserole thingy last night. It was quite good, but the brown rice I bought recently does not seem right. Seems too much like white rice for my liking so it seemed too starchy. I'll have to make it again with another type of rice. But I would suggest anyone with access to the recipes try it out!


Sara said...

ooo everyone and their sisters seems to be making that mexican casserole I'm definitely going to have to try it after all these rave reviews!

On a side note, on our run along lakeshore yesterday we also saw a Phoebe. She blew past us running with her arms flailing. Boy is it hard to run and laugh your a$$ off at the same time!

Lindsay said...

ooh that is very cool that your bro is gone to that big tourny!
lol i love the pic :)

yea some brown rice just doesnt taste good, you gotta find a good solid brand that yuo like and stick to it.. lol and then if your like me, you get to afraid to try the other brands, after you finally do find that good one!

Angie All The Way said...

Yup, I plan on trying that cassarole soon too!

Your family sure seems like a hoot especially by the looks of your pic!

Mandy said...

Yes, I made the casserole too and it was fantastic! I love the pic of your brother - very fun! :)

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