fighting the freebie

Today is hamburger day at Harvey's. They're giving out free hamburgers from 10:30a.m. until 3p.m. today. Not quite sure why. Maybe there's an anniversary or they're trying to boost sales (by a lost litre or two)...

I happen to live about 100 yards away from a ...er...well known (perhaps notorious) Harvey's here in TO. I was contemplating getting one today for a late lunch knowing I'd have the points for the 9 point burger since I ran and went to the gym this morning.

But the lineup that stretched out the door, around the building and up Jarvis Street at 11a.m. got me thinking...

11a.m....seriously people - what is wrong with you? I'm glad I wasn't around at 10:30a.m., actually. You'd think you'd never had something for free before! Then I wondered how many people are getting multiple burgers, just because they can or even IF they can. It made me think of the time when McDonald's used to sell their hamburgers and cheeseburgers for 50 or 60 cents and my brothers and I would get dozens of them and each eat 2 or 3, not that we needed to but they were cheap so we were gluttonous...I don't need that junk and neither do most of the people lining up.

So that thought sent me right home to make my own turkey burger and a big salad for lunch.

and it was a beautiful thing :)


Angie All The Way said...

Oh wow, you have got one smart head on your shoulders. What a great move...you would have likely keeled over from the crap that their burgers of made of anyway! A turkey burger sounds so much more scrumptious to me!

Jen said...

Nice job on the turkey burger!!!!

I remember on McDonald's 25th anniversary (I was young) and they were only $0.25 each...my parents gave me and my sister about 3 burgers each!!!

I really don't think I could eat 3 burgers NOW let alone with I was like 5!!!

Mandy said...

I always think it is so funny how people flock to free stuff - when really, people, if you sit down and think about it, you're getting something free that costs, what - $3??? Whoa, great deal. Whatever.

Glad you enjoyed your turkey burger! A free burger is never worth waiting in line for, good grief!

Natalie said...

Way to fight the freebie! Your turkey burger probably tasted much better anyway.

Mandy's right - standing in line for a three dollar burger? Is it really worth it? Je ne pense pas!

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