How appropriate - it's Wednesday too....no Tyra or Jays though.

So yesterday was the big shoot and I did enjoy myself. The people were LOVERLY and it really was a whirlwind 3 hour tour there...

a few beefs off the bat:
  • muffins and easter eggs laid out on a table. This is a weight watchers shoot, right? where's the NI?
  • The stylist asked me what I brought her to wear. Uh...it read bring something as a BACKUP, not to wear FOR the shoot. Lucky she was a hoot.
  • I didn't really like either outfit I was put in. The green shirt made me look a bit preggers and the skirt they had me in the second shot was a size 12. No offense to anyone who wears a size 12 but I could take it on and off without undoing it, unzipping, etc and when they made me sit down on the counter, it pooched up at my tummy making me look a lot larger. Oh well.
Overall, it was actually a REALLY great experience that anyone who is successful on this program (whether you lose 20 or 200) should apply for. You deserve to get dressed up, have your picture taken, get interviewed and TELL YOUR STORY.

Telling your story is key. See, I was losing sight of it in midst of it all, I think. Whether they have me in a potato sack or a scandalous dress with this giant cut out in the front (they tried too...it was fuckin RACY!) , I get to tell a story that women across Canada are going to read. Maybe they're struggling with a decision to join, maybe they're half-way through their journey and are stuck or maybe they're at the end and can't decide whether or not they should apply to be a success story themself. No matter who they are and no matter what their circumstance, they get to read a bit about me and how I made it through, with my relapse and all, and how online WORKS!

and maybe they'll see a photo a little like this (well, something like this, but WAAAAAY better quality and cropped a lot tighter...you get the idea). Or one with my propped up on a counter with a computer. I just hope they don't use the test shots where I was hamming it up....a lot. I don't know what they were thinking when they put me up on the counter with a laptop but it was DAMN funny.

OOHH! and they're FINALLY on to us, eh? The bloggers that is! The editor @WW.ca has found out about us and how we blog about weight watchers, etc. and likes what we're doing. Apparently changes might be afoot (not here...elsewhere. Get what i mean?).

And I put the bug in their ears about you Westerners too! I told them that there are women in Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver that are in dire need of being covered. Mandy, just so you know, you'd be the first from Manitoba to be featured. :)


Shirls said...

I love this picture! the shoes are rocking. And how incredibly exciting! I can't wait to apply, not that I'm holding my breath about them coming to Calgary but a girl can hope. I also love that you threw in a hint that there is more to Canada than just the east, thanks! you are so incredible great for so many reasons and I'm thrilled you had the chance to tell your story and inspire.

Mandy said...

Okay girl, you just made me cry!!!! Sniffle, sniffle. Where's that kleenex box? I'm so glad you had a great time, in spite of the clothes being too big! That's almost ironic, isn't it? Even at a WW photoshoot the clothes is too big! Wow! :) Love the pic you posted! And I would LOVE it if they came to Winnipeg or closer AND I would LOVE it if they took notice of our blogs! How cool would that be? Maybe a monthly blog feature on the main page or something????


~paige~ said...

way to go Marie! you look great and it sounds like you had an awesome time. You totally deserve it.
I am with Shirls, your shoes rock!

Amuldoon said...

Looove the shoes hotstuff!

We're the best little bloggers ever... I love you guys!

Natalie said...

You did it!!!! Thanks for representing us so well and for continuing to inspire us. You deserve your time in the spotlight. I hope you breathed in every second of it.

And think, what a great story to tell your kids one day - if you choose to have some that is!

Christina said...

wow you are so beautiful, I love your pic. I can't wait to see it featured, you represented hard core and you have amazing pipes....are you training with Demi or Linda for those arms :P You are an inspiration thank you :)

Sara said...

I agree with Christina - your arms are smoking! I can't wait to see the feature! You are such an inspiration to me and I'm excited for you to become an inspiration for so many others! Congrats!

Maria said...

You are gorgeous - rockin' the outfit, love the hair - and the shoes are great, too. :)

You're right, though - whatever pictures they choose, you get to tell one heck of a story to women across the country. That's the inspiring part.

Jen said...


Our little WW model!!!!! You look so freaking gorgeous in that pic!!!

I am so happy for you!! And you are wonderful inspiration to all of us, I am so glad that you will be out there for everyone to see!!!

Ooh, and I hope they bring some attention to our blogs, that is crazy cool!!!

(p.S. did you ask to keep the shoes?? Or to possibly send them to your lovely friend Jen??)

tina said...

This is sooo exciting. You must have felt like a star. Congrats on all your success and thanks for the little 'no offense to anyone wearing a size 12', because I am thrilled to be in them!

You rock my socks!!

CaRoLyN said...

Just found your blog today and I super glad I did!! I'm loving it!
You look absolutely AMAZING!!!! WOW!! I can't believe you got to do a shoot! That would be such a great experience!!!!
I can't believe how great you look!!! I will be back to visit again and keep up the great work!!

Wheebs said...

What a great picture! I looooooove the shoes.

Antonia Z said...


Angie All The Way said...

Wow hun, you are fantastic - all around! You deserve to be featured all over the place!

I cannot believe the clothes were too big! lol Ironic as hell..you hottie!

I cannot wait to see your story. That's just incredible.

~♥ Amanda ♥~ said...

that's awesome!!! you look so good!!! i can't wait to see you as the success story on the website!!!

Melissa said...

You go girl! I hope us girls down here in the states can find your story. When it is available you have to tell us how we can get it! Way to go...I love your outfit in the picture. You are wonderful inspiration to me!

Shrunk said...

Damnnnnn girl! You lookin' fineeeee ;o)

Mouse, you're totally ripped. That's a full fledged runners body right there (you obviously lift weights too). You look like a million bucks.

Lindsay said...

looking good!
Congrats on all your success!!

taylore said...

Congrats on your great weight loss success! Your WW pictures look phenomenal too :)

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