a little hardcore?

I'm noticing a trend in my tracker...There's a whole whack of those nifty little check marks on a daily basis, with the exception of food I quick track, food that's processed or stuff I sort of half ass & I find the equivalent of (like last night - mashed potatoes. Even though I know they were made with skim milk and probably weren't worth as many points as I tracked, I went for the higher amount).

Sometimes I wonder if this is kind of like cheating. I could get away with eating MORE wholesome foods that fill me up and make me feel better but I don't. I know why I do it. I don't always have that FULL sensor. I need to measure out that half a cup of dry oatmeal every morning because I could eat more than that NOOOOO problem and be perfectly content, which is why I probably add fruit and yogurt to it too (then again that just adds to its awesomeness!) But then I'm sure there are people out there who think I restrict my intake for the sake of looking better or some odd, vain reason and count my points accordingly.

To be honest, in a way I do. I was big and dining on pots of whole wheat pasta and lean ground turkey with veggies. Yes, I said pots, not plates. Again, the full sensor. So I kind of like the ability to eat the same kinds of foods now in MODERATION and look HEALTHY and HAPPY.

I wish I could do core, I really do. I am all about whole wheat everything, from bread to pasta, brown rice and veggies up to wazooo, but I NEEEEED the control.

So I'll happily continue on collecting check marks in my tracker and counting my points and being a happy little weight watcher. You core girls have my respect and admiration.

I'll raise a carrot to you at lunch time!


Jen said...

I LOVE those little check marks!!!

I agree with the "not able to do core" thing...I used to say it was because I couldn't stand giving up all the processed foods...but I think now it is about 20% giving up processed foods and 80% ability to control what goes in my mouth!!!

Obviously flex is working great for you, and all those little check marks are just the icing on the yummy yummy cake that we have to count points for...

Sarah said...

Hey Marie,

I totally know what you mean. Once, I ate an entire day on Core and didn't notice until after. But, that's a rare occurrence. I like too many things that aren't Core, and I definitely could NOT control myself to stop when I'm "full". I think my "full" sensor is broken, it doesn't stop until "stuffed".

I love seeing the little check marks and 'll keep accumulating them, but I won't make the switch. I need the accountability of the numbers :)


Christina said...

ahem ahem Core check marks eh! Are you trying to convert to the other side.....I'll be there waiting haha actually I am doing flex now, have we perhaps switched roles :) until I get my portions back in check and control I will go back to core for now I am eating healthy with some treats on the side yum yum :)

Mandy said...

I so agree! I would LOVE to be able to do core, but I know I couldn't because I don't have that 'stop eating' meter in me. I love the way you worded it. :)

jodi said...

i'm still on the fence about signing up for eTools but may try the free week to see what its like... can you add your favorites (like sparkpeople) and/or add food groupings if you eat the same thing everyday? also, does it keep track of your APs and add them to your daily total?

sorry for the questions, just want to make sure its worth the $$... thanks! :o)

Shirls said...

since I don't do on-line I have no clue what the check marks represent, but they are pretty and I know you have earned each and every one! You continue to rock the program so I know, even without checkmarks you are a success

Shrunk said...

You're making me want to try the new tracker out and see how many checks I can get. I've been using the original still.

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