Good Friday/Bad Friday

  • Day off and slept in! WOOHOO!
  • Duckworth's Fish and Chips for dinner - love em! will only eat a few fries though. No need to go overboard.
  • All of the "boys" are getting together to have an old school N64 Goldeneye tournament. The boys are my brothers and their friends who are like my brothers. We don't get together much anymore so it's great that we have the opportunity to all get together today.
  • Get to see my parents
  • Hopefully get to see anklebiters
  • Although gym said it would be open from 10a.m. to 2p.m., it was closed when I went today. Not impressed.
  • It's freaking cold out and I have no clue if I have the motivation to go running when I come home just like I lost the motivation to do weight training when I got home because I was still peeved.
  • Habs lost last night. BOOURNS, i say! Now I will be stressed out tomorrow night watching the game!!!
Hope everyone else is having a GOOD day :)


Shirls said...

Gym saying open times and being closed is just wrong for so many reasons! The old friend get toghether is exactly what I'm did all last night and this AM which has been super fun and now I'm on the way to MIL's...sigh

Amuldoon said...

Lets pray HARD to the hockey Gods... tomorrow will be so stressful!

Wheebs said...

That would piss me off about the gym. Posting hours then not sticking to them is definitely NOT cool!

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