Sometimes it sucks to be me

I've been having weird cravings for things lately like peanuts and orange juice, which normally isn't so bad, right? ...unless you're me. Sadly these things give me headaches like nobody's business. It's a sad, sad world I live in where a simple peanut butter cup can be a deadly combo (peanut butter and chocolate are triggers) and yet my favourite thing in the whole world. I get away with chocolate and cheese in moderation (because who can live without CHOCOLATE?!), but I can survive without the nuts and citrus fruits....and the swordfish. ...yeah, i don't get that one either. But I caved twice this week. I WANTED orange grapefruit juice ...so I gave in....and now I am stuck paying the price. *thump - thump - thump* UGH. Anyone else out there who suffers the intolerable in the name of a stupid craving?


jen999 said...

No, just the basic fatty cravings that go straight the spare tire.. lol!!

What is it about those foods that triggers headaches? It just seems like such a wide range.. I'm sorry you can't just enjoy those things without having to suffer for it later!! :-(

Christina said...

poor girl, I feel for you, the same happens to me and mangos, but my allergic reaction makes my lips swell to twice their size...scary! And I looove mangos! Try maybe having a little everyday to see if maybe you can build up an imune to it...maybe :0

Shirls said...

sorry I can't relate but my hubby has severe food allergies so I'm use to asking and avoiding those things for him. I do however love the artistic picture of the juice, very nice :)

NattyMcGoo said...

I'm sorry you have such severe reactions to certain foods. I'm lucky few foods bother me like that and I rarely get headaches. DH gets norrible migraines and I always feel bad for him. I'm sure he could relate to your pain.

Perhaps this is something you'll eventually grow out of - it happens from time to time. Here's hoping for you that it does.

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