Hits and Misses

Just over half way through the week...what I've done well, and what I've fallen short of so far... Hits
  • Ran 6km twice so far with another scheduled for today
  • Getting to bed early every night
  • Have avoided mini eggs so far this week!
  • Found a way to integrate fruit into my breakfast everyday - woohoo!
  • Not getting enough water
  • Haven't done any weight training since Saturday
  • Ate greasy chinese instead of my planned lunch yesterday
  • Have a new found obsession for 100 calorie Jos Louis....not good
Big dent left in my flex now and a big dinner out for my brother Stephen's 29th birthday this Friday at an all-you-can-eat grill house in Pickering (ewww! more burbs!). My sister-in-law Jeanette wasn't sure of the name of it but said something along the lines of ...they have meat and it's all you can eat and it's CHEAP! - it will make everyone happy! ...and this is why she fits in our family so well and I love her to bits. Here's hoping I make it through the rest... of the rest of the week :P!


Angie All The Way said...

I picked up a box of the 100 cal 1/2 moons and I'm frickin in heaven. I think I have too many 2 point snacks around the house right now! I need to stop getting so excited over new low point products!

You're doing so great Marie. A commitment to running like you have is a huge deal.

Catalogrrr said...

100 Calorie Jos Louis?! OMG!! I haven't seen these yet in Montreal. Perhaps that's a good thing.

Good luck with the burbs. :(

Amuldoon said...

DUDE... 100 cal Joe Louis? Woah. Intense.

Jen said...

And this is why I am SO happy that I couldn't find those Joe Louis'!!!! Apparently hostess is coming out with 100 cal packs of 3 cupcakes!!! I don't know why I shared that info!!!

I think your hits are pretty frickin awesome though!!!

Yay for cheap all you can eat!!!!...but also boo, because sometimes I can eat a lot!!

NattyMcGoo said...

Great job getting fruit in the breakfast menu. I've been trying to do that too to get that extra serving in every day. Bananas in cereal or a big veggie omelet with peppers, zucchini and onions - whatever works.

I love all you can eat - too bad ww doesn't :(

Mandy said...

I wish we had those jos louis and 1/2 moon thingies here!!!! :(

Christina said...

wowwaweewa (Borat) Joe Louis 100 cals WHAT! ok amaing on the runs and your accomplishments are super impressive. Marie my shins are killing me, any exercise or strecth that you know of that would help? Thanks

~♥ Amanda ♥~ said...

awesome on all the hits! i'm not getting enough water in this week either :( i haven't found those 2 pt joe louis yet and that's probably a good thing! good luck for the rest of the week!

jen999 said...

Yeah, I'm really glad I couldn't find those Joe Louis!! lol!! I looked for them, but I guess I wasn't meant to have them! I had a major problem with the WW cakes, they were only the 1 point and for some reason I thought that meant I could eat as many as I wanted! lol!!

Good for you for keeping track of all your hits and misses like that!! How can you not improve when you know exactly what you need to do?

You're going to be fine at your brothers Birthday dinner! Have fun and treat yourself a little!! :-)

Shrunk said...

My shins are killing me too. I had to go to the doctor last night, and he prescribed me custom made foot orthotics. He also told me not to run on the pavement or concrete anymore. I'm pretty sad, I love running the streets at night. I can't exactly go and run on trails at midnight. He also said not to run the whole 10K Sun Run on April 15th. I can run part, but not all :O(

I like the way you sum up your week so far Marie, and I'm impressed with your morning fruit and of course YOUR RUNS. I just hit 6 km two nights ago, and that's what made me end up at the doctors. If you have any suggestions for me, I'd appreciate it. I'll check back. I really want to keep running and I'm afraid that I'll have to stop.

marie said...

christina & shrunk - as far as i know sore shins can come from improper shock absorption in the shoe. check your footwear and get fitted properly and then make sure to stretch really well after a run and ice if necessary.

shrunk - I think you did the best thing by seeing your doc first. If it's bothering your shins then it might not be a good thing. But it does go back to the footwear, the distance and the history of the pain though, I would think. If the gear is old, the distance is new and the pain is new, I would wonder if giving up on running is sort of silly. But then again, I'm addicted to running and not a health care professional :P Personally, I find when I increase my distance I get sore in spots for awhile too but my body adjusts. But that's ME. maybe take it down a km and test out the orthos and go back up again, see if the pain is still there....

But you know your body better than anyone else so you have to ask yourself whether or not you want to be healthy and walk the rest of your life or push yourself and run a 10k once - you know? either way, there is NO shame in running/walking through a 10km. heck! that's what they teach you in the clinics!! just listen to your legs :P

e-mail me anytime you want. it's in my blog profile.

Shrunk said...

Thank you Marie. I have a brand new pair of Asic nimbus VII's the doctor said they are perfect for me. And I've been running this same distance for months now, it's the pain that keeps me from going any further. I have an appt Wed to get orthotics made. Hopefully they help. I appreciate your response :O)

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