herd mentality

hehehe...i got me a map! shirls does it, why can't i? :P

So i was off like a rabbit to do a 6km last night, following my RR 10km training schedule like the faithful little student that I am.

I mapped out a route before I went out to ensure I got the full 6 in...and a bit more - I like a short walk before and after my run.

The funny thing is I'm finding it a bit harder to run without a group now. I have no one to keep my pace with, no one to challenge me, no one to remind me to stop after 10 minutes (which is probably why I finished in just over 36 mins).

But another thing I need to learn is to NOT pick routes that go STRAIGHT through the busy districts. I thoroughly enjoyed weaving through the crowds going to the theatres last night on King West and the Entertainment district and then the last minute shoppers at the fruit and veggie markets in China Town.

Although living downtown has its upsides, it's always busy and sidewalk space sure is at a premium. It is sort of cool though - it's like human bowling - new sport all together :P


Jen said...

*laughs* so Mouse was like a Rabbit hey???

I LOVE the idea of Human Bowling!!! We could assign a number to each person to gain points...hee hee, it's deliciously evil!!!

Green Girl said...

I know what you mean about running with other people, once you do it, it's hard to run by yourself... :) but having an MP3 player helps (gotta be careful, though, downtown!)

Christina said...

Girl that is crazy that you run alone, I have Zero motivation by myself. I love that we are doing the 10k clinic together, when and where is your graduation race, mine is in Ottawa on the 25th of May, I believe.

Angie All The Way said...

running is such a challenging feat. Do you have a friend who'd like to be your jogging buddy?

jen999 said...

Human bowling.. lol!!!

I can imagine it would be hard to have a good run while having to weave through people.. I'd suck if you actually had to stop and start to wait for people too!! Good thing you've got your trusty map!! Hopefully you can find a better route!

Is there anyone from your RR you can buddy up with for runs?? Or are you at that stage with people yet?? I can see how it would be advantages to have someone there to challenge your pace! :-)

meredi said...

Oh man, Chinatown must have been insane... I have a hard enough time walking quickly through those fruit & veggie stands, let alone running!

That's the other thing that's always perplexed me about city running -- doesn't waiting at traffic lights really screw up your pacing? How do you get around that?

Shirls said...

wooooossssshhhhh... did you see that? me either, must have been Marie whipping by again....

PS - nice map ;0)

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