What's a lazy sunday?

I've noticed of late my weekends have been just as busy, if not more so than my weekdays. Friday night I did hot yoga with Cat followed by dinner with her and her finace Pete at the Korean Grill House. If you're not familiar, it's an all-you-can eat type deal where they bring you meat and you cook it yourself at your seat. It's good in a way because you get to exercise portion control and the meat is pretty thinly sliced. I was stuffed and didn't eat that much. Mucho happy :) Saturday I did my bloodwork for the doc, saw my dentist, visited my parents for a couple of hours (since my doctor and dentist are in their neighbourhood and I can't be in the neighbourhood and NOT stop by. They'd be heartbroken) then hung out with my friend's friend. I had an ok time with him. We went out for thai food and I went over on my points. It was sort of a last minute decision to and I'm ok with it. I have my reasons. I'm sure I'll see a gain this week and I'll just have to deal with it. No points adjustments, no nothing. I will just be extra mindful of everything I eat for the week and not let others sway me. So today was the day for pennance for the points sins committed yesterday. Off to the gym I went to atone (sorry if my analogy offends anyone. it's the catholic upbringing!). I brought Cat with me because it was buddy week at the gym and we went to BodyPump. Good grief is that a good class. I don't know why I've been so chicken to try them all before! I'm all about weight training as it is and doing it in a class with with an instructor leading you, motivating you, telling you to slow it down, hurry it up, shake it out - whoa! I felt the burn everywhere and I'm sure my ass will be sore tomorrow and I'm used to working those muscle groups too! So now I'm finally home to rest, after putting cabbage roll soup in the slow cooker and I'm going to take a LOOOOOOONG hot shower, put pjs on and VEG for the rest of the day and enjoy what little is left of the weekend! Hope everyone else got some good rest :)


Angie All The Way said...

I absolutely cannot wait to be able to go and exercise like a regular person again. I would be able to feel a lot better about eating a few extra points if I had the ability to earn some AP's. My physiotherapist is beginning to talk about transitioning to a gym program, so at least I see it in my near future.

I used to be a member at GoodLife and loved BodyPump - well I wasn't actually chicken about it too because it was the hardest exercise class I had ever done!

I think it's great that you love to exercise that is a huge thing.

Amuldoon said...

Sounds like a most-productive weekend?

Not to be boy crazy, but how was your date? ;)

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