nifty widgets

So I was perusing the Nike+ forums the other day and found some nifty little helpers, like the little feed on the side of my blog that shows my runs.

Today when I put in my run, I noticed they have some other cool toys on the site. A yahoo widget.

Say what?

It let's you put your challenges and goals on your desktop so you can see them. WOOHOO!

I made a goal of 500k in 16 weeks back when I started in December. Yeah, I'm a nerd.

So there's the lovely screenshot of my goal widget as of this A.M. Now, when I don't feel like running, I'm going to be constantly harassed by a teeny, tiny little lady on my computer screen who is mid-stride, on her way to a goal but laziness is holding her back.

Like an overweight girl I once knew. But, she didn't let laziness and fear get her down, and used a computer to get to her weight-loss goal....

hmmm, i sense a pattern....


Shirls said...

silly little girl is missing her skirt..

although not a techno geek myself for some odd reason, gadgets make me happy to work out more, take my garmin, I'll go further faster and change my route just to get a pretty map to post.. lol

Lynn said...

That is neat.

500 km, wow - you can do it though!!!

Thanks for sharing your journey, I am inspired by how far you have come. I hope to be able to run 500 kms some day, for now I am up to 10 mins at a time, this is after my trainer set-up a learn to run plan for me.

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