...run 8.75k, do lower body weight training and then do hot yoga in one day. ow...ow...ow. Then when your ass tells you it's sore, DO NOT go to the gym and continue on with your running and weight training regime the following day. OW...OW...OW. Yeah, I'm stupid. I made Tomato Macaroni Soup in my slow cooker yesterday. Worked out to be 3 points a serving. Not quite the same as my dad's but John liked it. He's a little disappointed that there's no chili for super bowl sunday this year but I'm making chicken parm instead. I think he'll survive.... Go bears...I think. What do I know...it's not hockey.


Jen said...

Aw, poor Marie!! You need a GOOD massage!!!!

Your tomato macaroni soup brings back memories of me being a kid!! My mom used to always make it!!! I didn't like it back then, but I was CRAZY picky!!!

I also agree on the Super Bowl, my husband and I were cheering for the Colts because we wanted to go against the other guys we were watching it with!!!
I gave up about half way through though because I don't understand or have the patience for football!!

I am a hockey girl too!! Let's go Oilers!!! (I think you are a Habs fan though?? So let's go Habs too!!)

NattyMcGoo said...

That soups sounds so good to me right now - major comfort food. Anything with the word macaroni maybe because it makes me revert to childhood memories or something.

Let that poor body of your rest - you're going to hurt yourself lady!

Shirls said...


not that I've done exactly those exercises together but I have had those kind of crazy work out days.. I feel your pain girl! If you happen to have foam roller, roll girl roll!

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