Busy Bee

WHOOOO boy! I think I need to slow down! Today I was just too pooped to do a thing.

I've been trying to do too much I think - running, weight training, yoga and trying classes at the gym. Then last night I went out with a big group of guys to play laser tag in Scarborough. There was 70 of us running around in the dark shooting eachother and having a good old time. It was great! And it's always funny to have people come up to me, as per the usual, and say "have you lost some weight?" I sigh, look at my brother John who just smacks his forehead and walks away...

So there we are on our adventure last night. John, me and John's friend Keith (who is an absolute hoot!).

I so needed a day off to do NOTHING, which is exactly what I did. I've parked my arse on my couch watching an evening with Kevin Smith 2 (if you're a fan, pick it up - he's soooo funny!) and I'm making Cuban-Style Pork and Sweet Potato Slow Cooker Stew from the weight watchers site. Smells good so far. I've been craving sweet potatoes like MAD lately so I was happy to find it on the site. Hopefully it turns out well.

Now I just need my brother to take my "after" picture and my weekend will be COMPLETE!

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Shirls said...

yeah you, sounds like awesome fun! I love the picture you look so great in red and hats, lucky girl!

Take it easy and enjoy your day, after all you have earned it!

~paige~ said...

you rock

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