Thankfully my resolutions did not include adding MORE exercise, etc. to my life (because i was already getting up at the ass crack of dawn to get there for MONTHS), so when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning and my butt felt too sore from all of the running I've done since i bought my new shoes (apparently I'm up to 42.43km in the last week...no wonder it ouches), I thought a day off was well deserved. I'll be back at that tomorrow. But I'm being REALLLLLY good so far. I bought an actual journal to write all of my food and exercise down in. Being an online member, I've always tracked my food there but have become really lazy toward the end of the day or on weekends (as my weigh-ins are Mondays). I even have a tracker on my Treo where you'd think I'd keep track of points because I always have my cell with me but nooooo, lazy me won't do that either. The weird things is that I have no problem using the calculator on there though when i'm buying things at the grocery store... So I've gone out and bought this big journal and I'm going to carry it around with me every day like a great big freakin albatross. Maybe I'll start carrying around my old flex book too to look up points so I won't be tempted to guesstimate and cheat... even though that list is in my Treo too. ARRRRRGH!!!!! Again, the lazy factor.... My downfall has always been tracking though, and I figure if I write it down, I can't escape it and I see blank pages as really a waste of money and poor little trees. So far, so good. I've entered my food and exercise both online and in my book. I've even tried to plan in the book for a few days ahead as well. But like the newbs at the gym, give me a week :P

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