the things i do for friends...

I am not a fan of yoga. I like yoga pants (lululemon warehouse sale this weekend in TO - yeah, baby!), not yoga itself. I took a class before, can't for the life of me tell you what TYPE of yoga it was. All that I remember was leaving the class and feeling like I had to go for a very long run after it because it made me angry and like I hadn't done anything. I thought I was supposed to feel relaxed, stretched, toned, etc. Nope, not me. So this week I've agreed to not one, but two, yes TWO classes that involve yoga. One is just a BodyFlow class at the gym which incorporates Yoga (but also some other stuff...says Tai Chi and Pilates). I've wanted to take a class at the gym for the LOOONGEST time but have never had the courage to do so. I'm always afraid of the "regulars" at the gym, stealing someone's spot, being the new girl and screwing up moves. Like i've said before, I'm VERY uncoordinated when it comes to fitness classes which is why I stick to running and weight training. Mel said she'd go with me so now I'm not so chicken shit. When I mentioned this to my best friend Cat (for those who noticed; yes, we're Cat and Mouse. Feel free to make jokes now.), she got all excited, mentioned that she wanted to check out Moksha Yoga (hot yoga) and that I should join her for it a few times a week. Because you know, I didn't have enough fitness in my life already.... but I agreed to try it nonetheless, because that's what you do for your best friend. So I've gone from yoga avoidance to... i shudder to think. I just hope it doesn't involve spending more money at lululemon :P


Shirls said...

since I've had my lulu pants I've done everything but yoga in them! odd since I actually like yoga, lol

Amuldoon said...

My best friend and I are Amy and Amie. We were both fat, and we've both lost a lot of weight. Its kinda funny when we see people that we haven't seen in a while when we're together. One was asked if we had been living in Ethiopia!

Hot Yoga is kinda fun... but also rather distracting. Ie- looking at scantilly clad chubby middle aged men! How's that for a visual! ;)

Have fun!


meredi said...

Ha, I hope you have fun. Yoga's never been the biggest thing for me (I too prefer the burn after a workout) but I don't mind it occasionally.

Are you planning to wait in the Lulu lineup? One of my acquantainces spent 4 hours out there at -25C yesterday... only to buy pants that didn't even fit when she got home. CRAZINESS!

marie said...


I went today and got a running jacket -regular $139 for $49 - and I'm going again on Sunday with Cat.

Not really worth the wait in line. Mine was only 20 mins. It was really the same junk they had at the store boxing week.

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