gotta love em...eventhough i went into work to finish up a proposal (boourns!). But I was little miss sunshine for sure, wearing my little t-shirt saying so even(i keep my little miss bossy one tucked away for other days ..he he he). Oh, and to my chiro...not that you're reading this, but just so you know...I ran 10km today and i feel GREAT! No pain in my neck at all :) and thanks for your support ladies. you rock! WHHEEEEEE!


meredi said...

Heh, that's great... I love the Little Misses and Little Misters, and Sunshine is definitely one of the cutest! One of my screen names is "littlemissgeek" :)

~paige~ said...

I have the little miss bossy shirt kickin around somewhere too! i don't believe it for a second though

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