Sloooow Cooker Saturday

I must be getting sick. I went to bed at 9p.m. last night and woke up at 7a.m. this morning. Decided to get my butt up and do some grocery shopping early and make some chili for the boys and myself today since the slow cooker hasn't had a workout in a week and they do love my chili(and they loved the cabbage roll soup last week). Unfortunately my grocery store was all out of extra-lean ground beef this morning so I had to make a trip to an even further store after the gym today. I tried running outside this morning but I chickened out after a few blocks. The cold and my asthma do NOT mix well somedays and I end up being better off running indoors or I'll end up giving myself a migraine (somedays I wonder how I even function and still manage to smile :) ). So I ended up walking from Queen and Yonge, all the way to York and Queen's Quay (I wanted to go to sobey's first. I'm still on the hunt for the damn WW snack cakes...that's three sobey's I've been to now and no sign of them...GRRR. Trying 1 more on Wednesday.) then over to Jarvis and Queen's Quay then back home which is around Ryerson. Ends up being about a 5km walk...on top of the 6km I ran today plus the lower body weight training. It was so cold I couldn't feel my ass by the time I got home. Stupid flimsy lululemon pants. And man I'm pooped! I have to rest up because I've agreed to go to the Toronto gathering from the GDT. I wasn't going to go originally because I'm very shy, but it looks like one of the women going is actually a girl I went to high school with so I'll be a bit more comfortable. I'll have a full report tomorrow :)


NattyMcGoo said...

Sending you positive "don't get sick" vibes. I hate getting colds - I get so grouchy.

That cabbage roll soup sounds intriguing. Is it hard to make?


Amuldoon said...

For for the slowcooker... who knew there would be a day when we got excited about appliances eh?


We're growing up!

meredi said...

A girl from my meeting told me that she found the snack cakes at the Valuemart in the Manulife Centre (Bay & Bloor). I haven't tried them out yet but I thought I might drop by sometime after my meeting.

Hope the Toronto get-together is fun -- I didn't realize it was happening or I might have poked my head in too!

meredi said...

Ooops, Valumart, but whatever :)

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