the incredible shrinking family

So i have this friend at the gym, Mel. One day, I noticed the awesome tats on her arms and asked her advice on where to get tattoos done because I wanted to get a new one at goal(i have three by the way). She suggested some places, I thanked her and went about my way (yeah, still haven't gone to get that tat...). We didn't speak again until some random at the gym was being controlling about the volume on the TV sets on the women's floor and we made some comments about her to one another. We then got to talking about weight training, weight loss, etc. while working out and found out that we were both on Weight Watchers. She started talking about how her weigh in was that very day and I then realized she went to the same meeting that my aunt and uncle attended two blocks away from that very gym. Well, turns out she knew them very well. In fact, she was their third musketeer, if you will. Well, by the next week she pretty much knew my background and history and we've become pretty chummy at the gym since, sharing tips and such when we pass each other in the morning. We always joked that one day I should randomly show up at the meeting and surprise my aunt and uncle at their weigh-in. Yesterday, she suggested it again and I finally agreed. I'm so glad I did because today I was there to witness my aunt Maureen get her goal gold star :) It was so nice and I was so happy for her. I stayed for the meeting too which was pretty neat. The leader shared a cabbage roll soup recipe I hope to try out this week (once I buy a slow cooker or I'm sure I will face Mel's wrath!). But I don't know why I was so intimidated by meetings before....seems like a good place to go share, vent, etc. I guess it was just the public weigh-ins that freaked me out. Anyway, I went up to thank the leader and ask if I could come back again and she said sure "it's always nice to see another member of the incredible shrinking family".


Melanie said...

Hi there,

I just happened to come across your blog from another person's blog, which I found from the WW website. I just wanted to say that you have truly inspired me - TODAY. If you ever have a day where you think your efforts have been futile, just think about how you have managed to change at least one person's life. I'm a teacher and as a teacher you always want to reach out and really touch at least one student's life during your career...I rarely think about having someone reach out and touch my life. But today I looked at your before and after pictures. I immediately visioned myself as a thin person and I don't think I've ever been able to do that. I read that you have struggled with your weight for a long time, which coincidentally, so have I. Lots of us have I guess. Thank you so much for deciding to post your journey. It takes a lot of nerve to expose your true self. I am in the process of beginning a blog and I will let you know when I finally decide to "publish" it. Anyway, all the best this new year.

Shirls said...

I didn't know you didn't do meetings! For me they are such an important part of the whole process I'm really glad you went and enjoyed what a great positive helpful atmosphere they can be! Even the weigh in part can't be described as "public" your actual weight is never said out loud and the scale people only say quietly to you down or up.. such and such never your actual weight now! It's an awesome system :)

marie said...

wow - thanks to Melanie for that. I wouldn't say that I've ever felt that my journey has been futile although I have struggled. I do think it's the best choice I've ever made in my life and you can't shut me up when it comes to talking about WW!! don't be a stranger :)

shirls - I've only ever done online - that was my first meeting and i loved it! now i see how they do weigh ins and i was sooo wrong about it. i think I'll go back from time to time when time allows for it and sit in though :)

meredi said...

Arg, I just pressed a button on my bf's mouse and it deleted my whole comment :P

Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm glad you discovered meetings! When I started I was really surprised to find myself looking forward to meetings... and really the weigh-in more than anything else.

Unfortunately everyone in my meeting is REALLY shy and quiet, so I don't think I get as much out of it as I potentially could, but there just aren't any other times/locations that work for me, so I'm stuck. Glad you found a good one on your first try though! It's great that even if you don't go to it on a regular basis that you at least have the option of dropping in when you feel like it! :)

Maria said...

I like being part of an inccredible, shrinking WW family. :) It's funny what a small world it always turns out to be. My 'save me a seat' buddy from back when I did meetings turned out to be my neighbour - and we didn't realise it 'til much later.

Sarah said...

That's a great story, Mouse :) What an awesome thing that your family is all in this together. My one aunt is doing WW too (she's a lifetimer getting back to goal) and I've coerced another one to start with me in May :D

Congratulations to your aunt!! :)

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