I made it official

Last night as I was making the Chocolate Chip Banana Bran muffins found on Mandy's Recipe Blog (yummy, btw!), my brother John, my roommate Michel and I were talking about weight loss and such. I was relating to them a little tidbit about how our new sales guy didn't believe me when I said I used to weigh over 200lbs. Well, Michel didn't believe me either. John nearly choked laughing on a muffin. So off I run up to my room and bring down photo albums for him to peruse of me a bit bigger. More conversation and we're onto running. Each of us does and Michel mentions we should all do the Pride & Remembrance Run (It's a 5k run in TO on Pride weekend). That run was my inspiration for running in the first place. I used to watch John run it every year and got sort of jealous. This past year I ran it with him (well, 10 minutes behind him) and he cheered so loud for me at the finish line and gave me the biggest hug when I finished I almost cried. So it looks like I'll be running this one again this year, a little faster for sure, and with my roomies. But before then.....I have just registered for the Sporting Life 10k on May 6 - no turning back now. My 2007 goal will be accomplished!!! My brother John agreed to run it with me too. Hopefully he'll finish before me, as usual, and be there to cheer me at the finish line :)


~paige~ said...

Good for you on the run! I am trying my frist one ever in April. I am no where near ready for it though! It is the Harry's Run for the cure also in Toronto

Mandy said...

Yay!!! good for you!!!

Glad you like the muffins - don't they rock???

meredi said...

Awww, what an awesome bro, that's so sweet! :)

Can't wait to see you kick that 10k's ass! Goooooo Marie!

Shirls said...

how incredible to have someone hugging and cheering you on at the finish line! I think its great that you needed to remind them how far you've come! I've been noticing this with my own family of late I think after awhile they just get use to you being smaller than before and start to forget the big girl of before. Congrats on signing up girl!! wooooooo hooooo!

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