goods and bads

I'm miffed...
  • that the habs got their asses handed to them last night
  • that it's too snowy to run outside today
  • that i forgot my iPod attachment and the 4 miles i ran at the gym today weren't tracked
  • that only crappy things were left at the lululemon outlet sale today
  • that i'd forget my head if it wasn't attached
but i'm soooo happy that...
  • I got to spend an afternoon with my best friend and a girl from high school i haven't seen in 6 months
  • that i didn't get harassed ONCE for my pink habs hat today :)
  • my brother is raving about the healthy things i'm cooking every weekend to his friends (and then coming back and telling me about it)
  • people mention me/introduce me and then quickly follow it up with "...and she's lost 70 POUNDS on weight watchers!"
  • all of the running and walking i did today will mean a good night's sleep :)


NattyMcGoo said...

What a great list! It's wonderful to focus on the things that make us happy. I started a ritual with my husband where we tell each other something good that happened that day. Your happy list reminds me of that! Have a good sleep!

Shirls said...

you just named two of my favorite things..

being introduced with the intro "this is Shirls she is a real life before and after ad" and
one of the reason why I exercise, the sleep, nothing like a good deep sleep and working out does that like nothing else

btw- thanks for the nice comment about my 10km run, its really not all that impressive when compared to your 143 + in a month girl!!

Lynn said...

Yeah the habs/leafs game was brutal. :(

Amuldoon said...

I don't love Koivu anymore.

BUT, i too still sported my Habs hat to the gym!

I'm glad you're a fellow hat wearer... I started wearing one when I had short hair when running... now that my hair is long enough to pull back, I feel NAKED when I don't have a hat on.
I also like it for the sweat absorbing properties!

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