bye-bye holiday weight :)

So on Christmas day i forgot to weigh myself. Couldn't help it. I got woken up late and was all excited to be at MY HOUSE for once, to be able to make breakfast with my younger brother and to be making my very first turkey. So after dinner that night when i looked at the scale and was like "whoopsie" I thought to heck with it, I'd skip my weigh-in for a week. Then I weighed myself last week and I was a few pounds up but wasn't ready to admit it to anyone. I just thought since it was a new year I'd get back on program with a vengeance, just like everyone else. Plus, no one likes a whiny chick who's already at goal. We're not allowed to have "fat" days, especially after I discovered a post on the 200+ board which made me feel like all journeys that result in a loss under 100lbs, well we aren't allowed to have an opinion about being large or we don't understand what it's like to be heavy or something like that. That's fine. Everyone has an opinion and different experiences in life. So today I'm back down to .....ah, that's right, I think I'm not telling anyone anymore. Let's just say I'm right around my personal goal and that's where I'm hoping to stay from now on. I'm starting to love my body FINALLY. I leaned over yesterday and realized my hanging skin on my tummy is finally disappearing, as is my roll on my lower abdomen. And I'm really proud of myself for tracking EVERY LITTLE THING last week. So here's to another good week!


meredi said...

I'm so glad to hear you're happy with where you're at, and that those Christmas pounds have disappeared!

Are you not telling people your weight now because they say bad things about it, like it's too low, or you're not allowed to worry about it now that you're at goal? :/

Me, I'm starting to get concerned... I think I might be in for a gain this week (my first, so I'm not used to this) though I haven't cheated at all and I've done three workouts instead of my normal two. Sigh. Crossing fingers for tomorrow.

~paige~ said...

Good for you Marie! You are doing soooo good!
Don't be brought down by people who think they know everything (and olny their opinion counts) on the ww boards. As with life, just take it with a grain of salt ;)

Amuldoon said...

It gives me some relief hearign that your sagging skin and tummy roll are disappearing.

When I gain, thats where it goes...so mine is looking a little porkier these days.

You're awesome! I'm so glad I met your blog! :)

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