why i love my gym

because it's NEVER short on humour....
  • 3 free weights missing are missing from the rack. woman X comes in and takes the 1 remaining 12.5lb weight and then starts FRANTICALLY looking around for the other. she spends 5 minutes looking around the entire women's floor for this weight. NOW, there are 2 other women using free weights. I have the 2, 15lbs weights doing deadlfts and woman Y has one in her hands doing some tricep extensions. now one would have deduced that SHE had the weight ...but it wasn't apparent to her. i had a good chuckle...
  • Barbie: wears a little sports bra and teeny shorts every morning at 6am on the first treadmill next to the hallway to the men's changeroom...coincidence??oh i think so...one morning she abruptly gets off...it's quiet so i notice as she thumps off...all 110lbs of her....she comes back 2 mins later with her cell phone...5 mins later i somehow manage to hear a huge THWACK over slipknot at fullblast in my ear as Barbie has managed to bounce her noodle off of the console of the treadmill as she is TEXTING SOMEONE WITH HER CELLPHONE WILL RUNNING AT 8 MPH....you bet your butt i laughed out loud at her behind.
  • people trying to read NOVELS on a treadmill....i can see reading on the elliptical but if you're running...are you kidding me???...you ain't reading crapola on here....you'll be lucky if you can drink water and run at the same time and not fall over...because that's talent...just look at barbie there...she's got a big owie on her noggin now.
  • the masochist who turns on the food network while running: there's actually two of them now, one used to watch mama's family but now that it's no longer on every morning she needs something else to watch. Well one day the original one got on a treadmill that was out of order (apparently the big white sign that told her so wasn't big enough for her read). Once she realized this, she decided to switch over to the one on my right instead, as the broken one was on my left, but chose to walk across my treadmill to do so..... which threw her onto the floor behind me. Apparently me running on the treadmill wasn't a clear enough indication that it was infact IN MOTION and it was safe for her to step on and across.
  • the people who trip on the lines to the machines that use air pressure and then frantically catch them as they spin around in the air, trying to reconnect them before the hissing sound annoys the snooty regulars in the club.
  • THE REGULARS! heaven forbid you take their treadmill/elliptical/bike/group exericise spot at the regular time or change the tv station (one day a woman in her 30s took a hissy fit when someone changed "saved by the bell" off on her...i just about DIED) or take up valuable mirror time in the morning. we wouldn't want to upset THEIR schedule!
I think i get more benefit from laughing than the exercise there!

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Amanda said...

hey, i just found your blog and i totally agree with your reasons why the gym is funny! you look great by the way! if you don't mind, can i add you to my list of blogs on my blog?

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