when cleaning goes terribly wrong

so on the weekend when i was on my regular cleaning binge, i noticed my plugin air-fresheners needed replacing. Off to the grocery store i went and had fun picking new and wonderful scents for different rooms.

Since i loooooove all things vanilla, i picked that scent for my room. BIG mistake. It now smells like cupcakes in here.

Now all i can think of is that WONDERFUL store in Kitsilano(West Vancouver) that sells those YUMMMMMMY cupcakes in regular and mini sizes. These things are chocolate, vanilla, have sprinkles, coconut, caramel, coffee flavoured - ohhhh the combinations!

I went by this store on my run every morning when I was there to visit my friend Janet in September and watched them baking and decorating these delicious and evil treats, never buying one but drooling at the window each day until the last when I FINALLY caved and bought a tray to bring home to my brother...and one regular one for me. They barely survived the flight home and only made it a day, as the teeny treats were scarfed down quickly, my brother didn't even appreciate the differences between them (or the care i took to bring them home to him!).

Thankfully there is NOTHING like this in my neighbourhood (I think there is on Queen West though...) and i'm resisting the temptation to go to Dominion and purchase some ghetto version or even worse....bake my own!

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