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We interviewed a gentleman for a telemarketing job with our company today who had a TOTAL radio voice. Brought me back to my j-school days. I sort of miss them and I don't. I'm not cut out for broadcasting (well, in an "on-air" sense anyway, my child-like voice would NOT cut it!) but it would have been thrilling to produce or write... Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I had accepted that job at TVO instead of going back to school for PR and ending up working in IT. It's a strange world, eh?. Anywho, I've had a GREAT week so far! I've counted every little point. No bites, licks or tastes either - although i was soooooo tempted to throw it all away last night and have one of those magic cookie bars I made last week, but had a small, 2-point rice krispie treat instead. The past 3 and 1/2 days have made me wonder how i survived on 20 points before I went on maintenance and then got super lazy and stopped counting - this is crazy! Thank goodness for flex points - and i still have 24 left until Monday! Tonight is the true test though- our office holiday party at Mercatto, a nice little Italian place on Bay St. It is sure to be loaded with good eats and free booze (good thing i gave that up!), so I'll have to be careful of what I choose to nibble on. After all, I still have a birthday party for Erin and my uncle Jim and aunt Brian's (you read that right :) ) Christmas gathering this weekend to contend with! What a fine week to go back OP with a vengeance!


Amanda said...

hey marie! thanks for the super sweet compliment on my blog!
wtg on counting everything, that's hard to do sometimes! i'm sure you'll do fine at the parties, and if you do go over it's not worth getting to upset over! you've done so awesome with losing weight!!
have a great day:)

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