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Yesterday a tiny little post about how people confuse our weight loss with eating disorders comes up and whether they make these comments out of concern or jealousy. So I put in my two-cents because this is something I CONSTANTLY run into and suddenly a comment is raised about how one should be concerned about me because I'm 8 pounds below my goal. I was a bit disturbed and posted back that I'm well within the range for my height, my doctor isn't concerned about it and those comments had actually started when I was further from my goal. All day that post bugged me and I went back to look this afternoon to find another post addressed to me with that dreaded word included in it - emaciated. To think that someone who didn't know me thought that I could be "unhealthy" based on stats on a page and some opinions shared didn't seem fair. It was like I was being judged on what one thought was appropriate for her body or from her experiences and not mine. Let's set the record straight:
  • WW actually chose a LOWER goal for me than 145 in my weight tracker when i started. I made it higher because i never thought i'd get here
  • 137 isn't on the lower side. it's somewhere in the middle if my math is correct
  • I never said it was about jealousy. I in fact stated that it was the stark difference between being big and small that causes people to put their feet in their mouths
But there was one bit offered that I do feel is BANG ON - we don't tend to see ourselves as others see us. True, we don't. I don't see an "emaciated" girl in the mirror - I see a healthy girl who gets up early to run every day now who couldn't run to the end of the block before...although she still has that big ol' roll of fat on her tummy if you want to come see it! I just don't get why we're all encouraging and "rah rah" up to a certain point and then we get all "don't get too crazy now..." on everyone and bring up eating disorders and ana websites when we see numbers lower than we're comfortable with. But this is my number and I'm comfortable with it, and my doctor is fine with my progress when I visit him every 3 months. I chose to let this program change my life and commit to it and I still plan to, whether I'm 145 or 135. If I had originally set my goal of 135 in August of 2005 on that stupid online tracker, I wouldn't have had to write this post.


Shirls said...

what can I tell ya girl? I was reading that thread and could not believe you were actually singled out! I see stupid people.

Your not alone, we all get those stupid comments, like all of a sudden I'm going to go from 116lbs overweight to 16 under weight.. grow up people get a life and bother someone else, you are taking care of yourself, have a doctor's guidance, your doing everything right, and to hell with the rest of them.

Mandy said...

Exactly! My goodness, I remember that post..... I hate it when people jump on us like that!

You are doing GREAT! Ignore the idiots - we're here for you! We're all in this together!

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