new traditions

Although I was upset about my traditional Christmouse being uprooted this year, I have to say my turkey ROCKED!

The li'l monster gave me some trouble at first but I wrestled him into the pan and stuffed him full of ...uh...stuff and threw him in the oven and VOILA! one perfect bird came out 3 and a half hours later (which would have looked perfect on a plate too if I had not left my dad in charge of moving the turkey from the pan to the plate. Note: never let a man finish your work).

I guess this is all a part of growing up and maturing. Although I'm in my late 20s and have been out of my parents house for some time, I was so accustomed to doing things as I always had as a child or their way because I always thought it was right or proper or what have you. But in the last year, I really have found my own way.

I think my mom really recognized too that we're all REALLY on our own separate paths this year. She gave me my own bible as a gift this year which I was really touched by and I know 5 years ago I probably would have turned my nose up at. The first thing I did was open it and I turned to her disappointed that it was still shrink wrapped and she hadn't filled out any of my family's information in it for me, which you would traditionally do in a bible. I don't think she expected my reaction (I don't think I believed myself either) but she told me she'd gladly bring over her own one day and fill it in for me.

My mini feast gave me the opportunity to prepare them things that I LIKE and that were better for my parents, who i'm ALWAYS concerned about - although they still got their stuffing and gravy....but they had A LOT more veggies than normal, no white bread or butter at the table, low fat frozen yogourt instead of ice cream for mom's trifle dessert....even with better options and controlling portions, i'm still going to have to run my arse off tomorrow. I'm feeling FUULLLLLLL.

Although it wasn't the same without the kids, I hope my parents were happy and next time we'll all be together celebrating as one big happy family again.


Shirls said...

Awesome!! way to go on the bird!

Fab Kate said...

I've been reading you for SO long now, it's darn well about time I passed on a blog award to you, so here it is. I can't think of anyone who's more consistently provided me with inspiration over the years!

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