looking back to look forward

despite the fact that something so crappy had to happen to me to make such big changes, i am SO GRATEFUL that i made the changes that i did. I'm sitting here on my stupid stability ball, typing this, almost in tears, after a great run outside that i tried to talk myself out of several times (even while running) but I did anyway despite the wind trying to knock my arse down and looking at pictures that, well, don't really look like me. So for that person who said I don't really "look fat", let's take a stroll down memory lane... This would be me at the age of 13 with my granny. I remember wearing a size 16 then.
at my high school prom. I had the dress specially made because I couldn't find anything that fit me that I liked. Me at 21. I was 230lbs here and this was just before the first time I finally did something about my weight. at my brother Stephen's wedding in 2001 at about 175lbs which was my lowest ever before now. This was 7 months after the truck picture and after trying body for life. I gained 30lbs back in the next four years. So i found last year's resolutions -
  • weigh less than 150lbs - DONE
  • run the pride 5K run with John - DONE
  • Get my G2 - ER.....
ok, so 2 out of 3 isn't bad. So for 2007 I will:
  • Maintain my WW success (no back sliding this time!!) and track honestly!
  • Run another 5k and find a 10K race
  • Finally get my G2
  • Try to be more positive in life
  • Work on finding a new career (long term goal)
Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year!!


Mandy said...

Thanks for posting so many before pix! It shows us how truly far you've come and it shows us that this has been a lifelong battle for you - as it has been for many of us. It makes your success all the more inspiring! Good work girl! Happy New Year!!!

Wheebs said...

Best of luck in 2007!

-wheebles from ww.ca

Amuldoon said...

You look amazing!

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