Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

ok, i can hear my mother "tsking" across town for proclaiming that outloud - and i do apologize if taking the lord's name in vain offends anyone - but i am having a CRAPTASTIC week.
  • i am NOWHERE near finishing my Christmas shopping and i have NO CLUE what to get my brother Kevin and his wife

  • I ran into one of my aunts whom is on the outs with the rest of the family and has been causing a lot of distress about my gran's estate. She came into a toy store I was in, saw me and ducked behind a display (but suddenly I hear I'm getting an inheritance cheque today...very weird. )

  • the hard drive on my computer at work died yesterday and I've spent the past day reinstalling software because no one thought to clone or ghost my machine. My brother came by to keep me company (and help me retain my sanity) and was nice enough to bring me starbucks (i love free sugar-free vanilla americanos. it pays to have a bro who works @ the 'bucks)

  • my brother and i went to get pics with Santa yesterday and i look like a corpse with pink hair in it (although first they tried to give us ones that looked like our eyes were bleeding blue and thought that was perfectly ok for us to pay for, said that there wasn't much to be done about it since it just happens with the "shrinking of the image." Uh, hello - if you're selling an inferior product, maybe you shouldn't be in business? BAH HUMBUG! at least John looks adorable.)

  • then jeepers was craving Swiss Chalet so off we went for the festive special because it's all about those free chocolates. Well, the service there was horrible, the place was a mess and it just made my day worse. John was nice enough to pay but i got sneaky and tried to steal the white chocolate lindt balls out of his package while he was gone.

    I had pretty much gotten away with it but the silly tab on the little village boxes they come in this year wouldn't close on mine when he got back. Then the lil rat did the nicest thing: he opens his and goes "oh darn! mine didn't come with a white one! i was going to trade you!" i don't think i ever smacked my head so hard in my life!
makes me think i should have read that post that Shirls wrote about karma a little closer and taken notes...


jules said...

i am sorry you had such a crappy week,
hopefully things will look up!

Shirls said...

I'm sorry about the other crap, really I am but the whole karma thing well that just made me laugh...

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