if it weren't for this lousy headache....

I'd actually feel good about myself today. ...and i would have gotten out of bed at 5:30 instead of 6, but i still went to the gym! ...and i might have run 3 miles instead of 2.75, but i still got my lazy bum on that treadmill! ...and i could have easily went to timmy ho's and bought a bagel for breakfast out of sheer laziness, but stuck to my plan of oatmeal and yogurt ...and i could easily say "to hell with it!" to my packed lunch and eat out, but i won't, i'll be strong! (pray for me on that one!) ...and i will avoid the candy on the accounting lady's desk as i have stocked up on thinsations and smartpop and will only have those should i want a snack at work...or maybe i'll go to the 7-11 and treat myself to a cadbury thin. i haven't had one of those in awhile and i already have a headache, might as well have some chocolate! hmmm, maybe I DO feel good after all :)


Shrunk said...

You can have my Cadbury Thin:OP It's still sitting here. I don't know how some of you people manage to go to the gym in the a.m. I am so not a morning person. Anyways, just wanted to thank you for your nice post on my blog today. Have a great weekend :O)

Anne said...

Hi :)

You are on a roll! Keep up the great work!

p.s I DO love the camera :)

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