Happy Monday :)

well after a very good week back OP, i somehow managed to lose those 2 pesky pounds and 3 more...YIKES! I'm 137 this morning! nooooo way! that's 2 pounds away from my personal goal of 135 which I never really thought I'd make it to yet here i am sooo close.... So yesterday was my Uncle Jim and Aunt Brian's (I already have an Uncle Brian, so we call him Aunt Brian - it's cute) annual Christmas party. I have realized we are like the WW family. My uncle Jim and Aunt Maureen are on the program too and have had HUGE success with it. It's cute going around the food table and my aunt chastising me about point values and then later telling me she's giving up and having a free-for-all. Or I could tell when my uncle was being complimented by his guests and he tells them it's because of WW. He'd start talking about the program and I could hear him drop my name across the room followed by "...and she's lost 65 POUNDS!" they'd all gasp and look over and I'd have to politely wave across the room so they wouldn't confuse me and my sister in law, who has also been on weight watchers in the past and is actually the reason I tried it in the first place. Then other guests file in, one a hair dresser who is a leader at meeting somewhere in the GTA ...I couldn't help but chuckle! It's funny: all this time I thought I was really doing this "on my own" by doing it online and not going to meetings, but really i have a huge support group of people on weight watchers, i just call them family :)


Amanda said...

awesome wi! good job!
that's nice to have all those people in your family that understand being on ww so you don't have to explain what it is etc.... (like i did last time i went home!)
have a great day!

Tracy said...

Wow...what a great feeling it must be to have all that support!! I think my mother secretly thinks I'm starving myself!! lol

You're WI was AWSOME!!! you're only 2lbs away...you could be there by Christmas!!

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