cleaning out my closet....

With winter fast approaching, I've been digging into the back of my closet for comfy v-neck sweaters to wear over dress shirts to work, a look i always looooove!

problem: all v-necks i own are a size large or x-large.

problem: marie cannot wrap her head around the fact that she is NOT that size anymore.

solution: marie must FINALLY clean out her closet.

end result: WHOA! 2 and a half garbage bags worth of goods to give away, and a bag worth of fine stuff that will be given to my sister in law (as it is designer stuff, still fairly new and in her size...score for her!)

It's not like I hadn't been giving stuff away along my journey but I guess I had been holding back...A LOT. I wonder if part of me thought I'd fail again or it was just not thinking about the winter clothes. Either way, it was the catharsis I needed this week :)


Amanda said...

wow, that must feel great to have to get rid of clothes that are too big! way to go!!!

Shirls said...

I love getting rid of the "too big" pile of clothes nothing more freeing than just letting it go and nothing more motivating for me to stay on track to know that I'd have to spend some cash to go 'back there', congrats! huge NSV!

jules said...

WOW ! must feel great!
Your before and after photo is inspiring!!
way to go!
how long have you been maintaining?

marie said...

it is great feeling...but a big drain on the wallet. There are too many things to replace this winter like 2 winter coats!

jules - i reached my original WW goal in July.

~paige~ said...

good for you! your before and after pic is awesome by the way!!

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