142 today and not happy about it...

...but it serves me right for all of the baking i did in the last two weeks (and consuming of aforementioned baked treats on the sly when no one was looking...although when there's only myself and my brother around to eat them, there really is NO ONE looking.).

This IS is a tough time of year. I was looking at the pictures on my computer the other day, trying to find a good "before" picture to post (still trying...) and came across some from my niece Sydney's birthday party last year, the same time i fell off the WW wagon...

At the time I thought I was looking good, I had lost 17 pounds. I look at it through my eyes NOW and I had a long way to go. And after those pics were taken I had a lot of things go wrong in my life, I took a few steps back and gained half of the weight back and it wasn't until the New Year that I finally committed to this program.

But I wish that someone had sat me down and told me a few things before I had started that don't quite come in the welcome package... that is if i got a welcome package, we don't really get one doing this online, do we?

  • GO TO THE BOARDS RIGHT AWAY: so many helpful women who know where to get low point treats, exercises for everything, inspirational stories, recipes, etc....

  • take pictures and measurements the day you start and throughout your journey, FULL BODY, even if they're horrible - you'll be thankful in the end

  • develop a thick skin: for every 7 positive comments you get about your weight loss, there will be 3 idiots who make eating disorder comments, tell you to slow down, etc. At first you can tolerate it, but eventually it gets on your nerves

  • don't make expensive clothes your mini-goal rewards: they're going to be too big before you can properly enjoy them and you'll end up wasting your $$

  • one size doesn't fit all for advice: although you get great advice from people, it may not always be best for YOU! Just because you drank all of your water and exercised everyday, you may still end up with loose skin in the end (mine looks like quick sand and feels like poultry....the boys are LINING UP, let me tell you!)....just be patient, take things into consideration, do your thing: you'll find your way


meredi said...

Hi Marie -- I found you through Charlotte's blog!

Just wanted to say congrats on your huge loss. All of your pieces of advice are wonderful. I wish I had taken a picture of myself when I first started... what a shame.

I also wish I had gone and done my blood work right away so I'd have some health measures to compare against! One girl in my meeting said that her cholesterol level is now the lowest its ever been -- now that's a real success story!

marie said...

sooooo true! my physical in august of 2005 and my weigh in there is actually what got me got me to join WW.

Since i missed my chance to have a physical this year (my doctor is a busy man, apparently!), I'll be going in January, so it will be interesting to see the changes!)

meredi said...

Actually, the same thing happened for me. My mom and grandma both found out they had breast cancer this year (they're both fine) and I was talking to my doctor about it, and she said the best way to prevent it was to stay slim (as apparently toxins like to live in fat -- haha, her summary).

It was the first time a doctor had actually told me to lose weight, and it really hit a nerve. She also recommended WW -- probably wouldn't have gone otherwise, because I had the mistaken idea that it was all middle-aged housewives and there'd be no one my age to relate to.

I'm so glad I went and gave it a try :)

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