1 hurdle down...BIGGER ones to come

our holiday party last night was great! well, the turn out was crap! about 75 people were SUPPOSED to show up and only about 40 appeared - NOT impressed. I managed to stay away from the food but had one little spanikopita triangle (which i tracked and had points for - woohoo! - and it was sooo worth it) . Many of my clients whom i haven't seen in the last 9 months didn't recognize me AT ALL! It was funny as I greeted them by their first name and they replied "who are you?" and the look of shock/surprise/embarrassment when I told them. Then the inevitable "how did you do it?" questions rained down on me and I happily discussed WW with anyone who would listen. Unfortunately, before I left for the party, my mother called me to tell me my father had been laid off from his job this week. This is the third time in five years that my dad has been faced with this. I find this time particularly strange because he's the highest paid parts man at his dealership but the junior man there (he just has the most years of experience overall) PLUS one of my friends recently interviewed at that dealership for a mechanic position so for them to say they don't have the money to employ my father but are still going through the hiring process with other prospects irks me. So what should have been a happy friday where we were to celebrate little Erin's 2nd birthday is becoming a toned down affair. My brother wants us to come to his house and order pizza instead of going out to dinner where i could have chosen something that suits me. Now I want to throw my whole week away because I find myself in a big old funk wanting to eat everything in sight and wondering what my poor dad did to deserve all this bad luck?

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Amanda said...

hey! good job staying op at the party, that must have felt great to have people not recognize you!
sorry to hear about your dad being laid off, that sucks, especially this time of year! try not to get too down and ruin the hard work you've done. things will get better :)

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