so much for being OP yesterday. I do so well up until lunch and then WHAMMO - i blow it. but today is another day, and although i did the bad WW thing and weighed myself this morning before the gym when it's NOT my weigh in day (although i've weighed myself every day through my journey to try and keep myself accountable) I'm notably up (and rightfully so!). I cannot continue to snack like i've been doing and not track accordingly. If i want to have a cookie, i need to know the NI for it and use FP accordingly (because that's what they're there for). I'm not going to ever deny myself treats because that will only make me binge more but i need to budget for them just like i would for fancy clothes or pricey electronics. So i'm whining just like so many do on the boards that i inwardly lament about but this is me putting it out there so that i put a stop to it NOW (because really, no one is reading this...yet, anyway...). So today i will: -get to the gym even if it kills me (done and DONE!) -stick to my food plan and track EVERYTHING i eat -drink at least 3L of water (1.5 down already!) -stock up on low point snacks for the office -avoid the baked treats at home like the PLAGUE!!!

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