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ever since i reached my goal in July, I've REALLY been slacking off because i don't see any changes on the scale (correction: I'm 5lbs below the goal i set for myself). Even when i got to goal, it was sort of anti-climactic for me. I felt like nothing changed. My body looked the same as it had the week before and i felt like i had nothing else to look forward to or nothing left to accomplish. In fact, I felt REALLY depressed for a week or so after it because i didn't know what to do. I was so scared of what to do next and what i KNEW i would eventually do - become LAZY and revert back to my old ways. So I don't try THAT hard to stick to the plan as i once did. I do still count my points daily up until about 2 p.m., but then I'll get the munchies and cave, ending eating the candy that's on the accounting lady's desk. It would be fine, but I'm not tracking ANY OF IT!!! I still measure out portions of pasta, rice and meat very well for my dinner and make better choices when eating out and will not eat everything on my plate if the portion sizes are too big. Weekends aren't a huge bust either as I find I don't binge that hard right after I go grocery shopping as my kitchen is FULL of veggies and fruit and low point treats so everything is within range. Then every Monday morning my scale seems to show me between 141 and 139 without fail - it truly is a curious thing. So today we'll try again - here's hoping i stay OP and track EVERYTHING! :)

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