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Well it's been a year and 65lbs later...I still claim to be on Weight Watchers but every time i try to stay OP, i get tempted to stray. I find the ww.ca message boards to be great inspiration and now other people's blogs are a great resource too, especially when people talk about what they're eating or how they're exercising and how they juggle it all! I figure i should start writing about my weight struggles, if not for everyone else, then for me alone because i'm just not being as accountable for my actions as i once was and i'm afraid that all the success that i've had before is going to be wasted if i don't do something soon.... So I found these questions on a fellow WW's blog today and thought i'd post my own answers: 1. Why are you trying to lose weight? i'm actually trying to maintain vs. lose weight although i would LOVE to see the scale venture into the 130s and STAY THERE! But in the beginning i did it to get HEALTHY! i was 205lbs, had high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc and was absolutely miserable - and was only 26! i needed to do something about it or i was going to end hurting myself in the long run. 2. Do you have a reward for yourself once you reach goal? I had promised myself that when i got to goal i would get a new tattoo, a haida design of mouse woman, done on my side, but i decided against it because i wasn't as "firm" in that region as i had hoped... Instead i splurged on a $180 Marciano dress for a wedding i went to in August and it was well worth it! 3. What food do you wish had zero calories and zero fat? cheesecake!!! 4. As you lose weight, what do you find yourself enjoying more? running! i never thought i would love it so much but i do. i want to run a 10k next year :) 5. What's your new favorite low fat food/treat? treats would have to be smartpop, oreo thinsations and cadbury thins.

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